Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friendly Reception

Last weekend, a person unknown to me announced our project on reddit:::haskell. There were about 40 comments, the most of them were positive, interested or even excited.

To answer questions and, most importantly, combat the impression that the project is not active anymore, Wulf and me decided to get us a reddit account (voxfrege).

One topic discussed more extensively was that small differences between Frege and Haskell are  considered annoying for Haskell programmers. Paradoxically, those differences seem to be the more annoying the more "like Haskell" Frege is.

One key example for this is the comment syntax. I am willing to reconsider this and other topics like this as soon as possible (while there is not much code out there yet). Indeed, the opinion expressed that Frege is most interesting to "weekend/would-be Haskell programmers" who are locked with the JVM in their daily jobs, seems to be confirmed by the fact that the same announcement linked to reddit::java did not get a single comment up to now!


  1. Are you aware about another haskell like language on JVM:

  2. Yes. I even tried it out some time ago. It was not opensourced then, if I remember correctly and the name was CAL?

  3. I found your link to Implementation of Functional Programming Languages useful. I did not know that existed.

  4. What would be fantastic is a language that would cross-compile at least simple Haskell code to the JVM, at least to start with. This is how a community of users, code and tools can be bootstrapped into a new eco-system. F# is a great example of this approach.

  5. Frege is awesome, and one can really see the effort you put into. I saw in the Prelude that you follow Haskell's Functor and Monad definition closely. Did you consider to adapt the improvements suggested in , or even the typeclass hierarchy outlined in ? I know it's a tough decision to break Haskell compatibility in such an important area, but the time to do it right is now.

  6. @Landei: Thanks for you warm words, it's really rewarding to get such positive feedback.

    Regarding your questions: I do not know (yet) the documents you refer to, but the Haskell type class hierarchy was one of the things I did not want to follow too closely. So yes, I am still looking for great ideas in that regard. This extends also to the library problem as a whole.


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