Friday, April 22, 2011

Compiler successfully compiles itself

In the last weeks I was busy to complete the compiler, and now the hard work is done. The compiler compiles itself, then the compiled compiler compiles itself, then that compiled compiler compiles itself and so forth.

Hence, I am now in a position to get rid of the old Frege2 compiler and have a self sustained Frege3 environment. I have also successfully ported QuickCheck

Next steps:
  • clean up the code so it has no warnings
  • get rid of code that was needed to be backwards compatible with Frege2.
  • write properties for Prelude functions
  • make a comprehensive list of differences to Haskell, while doing this adjust Frege to be as close on Haskell as possible.
  • complete documentation
  • evolve library slowly
  • ....

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  1. As a frege fans, I'm wondering if you'd tell me how it compiles itself? thanks.


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